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Your mission, your art, your cause, your ideas and your projects only exist in the world when you breathe life into them.

Living meaningfully, vibrantly and telling your story, contributing and making a difference, takes courage of all kinds – tenacity and the willingness to keep learning.

When you are your business, how do you maintain the energy to keep creating your best work?

Where do you go to find others who can relate to your challenges?

What helps you stay ‘in flow’ and feel amazing?


Successful creators get connected

Having a base where you can tap into experience, replenish your inspiration and expand your knowledge, is essential to your wellbeing and success, particularly as someone who works in isolation much of the time. As an artist, writer and teacher (and fundamentally as a human being) I know that authentic connection is vital.

I envisaged and am creating spaces that foster strong, inspired and conscious individuals to radiate positivity, create their best work and have massive positive impact.

If you want to access the means to be more effective at whatever you love doing through our unique trainings and join the community to meet people also on their own path then…

I’ve made this space for you. This is your invitation to come in.

Connected – Conscious Networking

connected positive living uk

Translating your essence so brilliantly that the wider world benefits from it is the signature of successful creators.

Members and guests of Positive Living meet at monthly networking to collaborate and exchange support & ideas.

If you are a writer, film-maker, artist, musician, teacher, voluntary worker, healing therapist, psychologist or belly dancer (we don’t mind what you do as long as it’s ethical) – and you love what you do please join us.

Connected is the synergy that will accelerate your progress.

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Positive Living Trainings

positive living trainings

To be effective and well-resourced means being switched on to your own internal processes and being able to manage your state well. Our trainings present innovative thought-leaders, creative genius and ancient wisdom that helps you inhabit your individual potential for magnificence.

Our events are a hive of ideas, knowledge and rich experience, you’ll learn not only from the facilitators but from other attendees. Open to individuals and organizations that have a strong social conscience, we welcome all people who wish to harness their own brilliance for greater positive effect.

We also go out of our way to make sure you enjoy yourself.

Set in beautiful surroundings with healthy catering and complementary massage treatments, our experiential training events are a uniquely concentrated dose of relaxation and information that is conducive to powerful personal change.

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